Healing Ties from Christopher MacLellan, The Bow Tie Guy™

Christopher MacLellan, The Bow Tie Guy™

It is with great pleasure that I announce the reboot of the popular Healing Ties 2.0 podcast in conjunction with the (soft) launch of our new Whole Care Network Website in  early 2021.

About our new website:
As you know, when you become a caregiver, you find yourself in a role that can throw you off balance in all aspects of your life.  We describe those aspects of your caregiving life in our Whole Care Network 4 Pillars of Care: Physical, Social, Financial, and Spiritual/Holistic health.  Much like a chair needs 4 even legs to stay balanced, caregivers and their loved ones need to ensure all 4 Pillars of Care are balanced in order to thrive and survive not only in your role as a caregiver.
All of our content (podcast, blogs, videos) will be categorized and searchable by one or all 4 Pillars of  Care.  Additionally, we will be introducing a 24/7 streaming radio channel to the Whole Care Network early 2021!

About Healing Ties 2.0

My new mosaic podcast cover is a snapshot of people who have played a role in my life. Each one of these photos has an important story attached to them, and when we share our stories,
we learn we have more similarities than differences; we learn about trusted resources and we comfort and validate others by our words, actions and deeds.

What’s different about Healing Ties 2.0?  We are expanding the conversation to encourage you to live happy and healthy by caring by caring for yourself and others before, during and after caregiver ends. We will be focusing on the physical, social, financial and spiritual aspects of life, we tie four important components together, like a bow tie! This not only creates a healthy life for each one of us, but will also create healthy communities.

Our 4 pillars are not only essential to Healing Ties, our 4 Pillars of Care are the basis for our new Whole Care Network website!

As a future guest on  Healing Ties 2.0 we want to know how you are creating “Healing Ties” by the stories you share, the resources you provide and the comfort you bring by your words, actions or deeds.



Affectionately known as “The Bow Tie Guy™” in the caregiving community and author of “What’s The Deal With Caregiving?”, Chris MacLellan brings his soothing style and personal caregiving experience to Healing Ties podcast. With special guest from across the globe, Chris combines his passion for advocacy, sharing stories and connecting caregivers to trusted resources through his Healing Ties Podcast.

Featured in a 2015 Pulitzer Prize nominated caregiving story In Sickness and in Health: A Couple’s Final Journey, Chris is creating a life to love after caregiving ends through writing, radio, travel, advocacy and being with awesome people like you!

Now that caregiving has ended, let the Healing Ties™ begin!

More About Chris MacLellan

Did you know Chris is an experienced keynote speaker? He frequently addresses groups around the country on topics related to caregiving. You can keep up with all Whole Care Network hosts speaking and event participation on the Whole Care Network Events Calendar page.


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